Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Online Application 2017-18 Pre and Post Matric at

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Online Application Form 2017-2018 Pre and Post Matric at Online Scholarship Form Here.

Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Online Application 2017-18

The idea for the scholarship program was initiated by the Arunachal Pradesh government. This will be a boon for students who are economically weak and lack money to pursue their education. Through this scholarship, students who belong to other categories like SC and ST shall also benefit. It’s a great initiative because now every student can study what they want without worrying about the financial condition.

Arunachal Pradesh Online Scholarship Application 2017-18 for Pre and Post Matric

The scholarship is available for fresh as well as renewal students so they can seek good amount of benefits from it. There are some guidelines that need to be followed and even the dates must be noted so that you don’t submit your application late. You need to keep the eligibility criteria in mind before applying as your application can be rejected if everything is not proper.


Who can apply for Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship 2017 Application Form?

Basically the scholarship is meant for those students who don’t have the money to study what they want to. Usually, higher studies cost much more and there are many who can’t afford it. This scholarship can help them with the money to study. Also, those who belong to the other category like SC, ST can avail the scholarship. The students must be of the Arunachal Pradesh government in order to apply for the scholarship.

Who started the Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship 2016-17

Just like many other states that have launched a scholarship program, Arunachal Pradesh has also taken an initiative to start a scholarship. It is declared through the Directorate of Higher education and with collaboration from the government. This will help a lot of students get a better career and have many opportunities ahead of them which is a good thing.

How to Fill Up Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship Application Form Online

Filling the document is quite simple and you can do that online as well. You first need to collect all the relevant documents of the previous examinations and also the identification proofs. You can then download the official application form through the site of DHE. Fill up the form in the required manner and scan all the documents before submitting. You can submit after everything is duly filled.

How to check Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship 2017 Status?

After you have registered for the application, you need to check the site for the status of your application. By following the below process, you can know the real time status of the application for the scholarship.

  • Head up to the official website of Arunachal Pradesh scholarship program
  • Through the registration ID that you have got, you need to login with your account. After you login, you need to select the scholarship tab.
  • Select the fresh scholarship form from the respective section.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter some relevant details for the identification of your application.
  • Click on the button where it says to check the application status of the Arunachal Pradesh 2016-17.
  • Then you will be shown the status of your application for the scholarship.

Final Say

One thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to constantly keep checking the site for your application status. If you aren’t eligible for the scholarship, your application will be rejected right away. So it would be better if you can ensure before even submitting the application that you are perfectly eligible for the scholarship. All students must take the benefits from the scholarship as much as they can as it is meant for educational purposes.

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